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Let's Re-Define Innovation.

"Innovation" isn't new; it used to make us dream of the future. Now, it's a redundant buzzword used to sell the "next generation" of a product that's barely changed from before. Let's dream again.

We make cool stuff with technology.


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Our Mission: Infinite Innovation

We make products that deserve to be called innovative in a digital age. We're sick of companies claiming to be "innovative" by delivering the same product with minor changes. That's why we've taken the initiative to go beyond the way the word "innovation" has been redefined in the modern age. Our mission is to create technology with an ethos by design. As consumers, we were upset with promises for the latest and greatest, ultimately receiving what we already had. Unlimino imbued within its name our commitment to our mission, to unlimited innovation.

Why We're Different

TL;DR: we were frustrated with how things are currently done, so we made a company to fix it.


1.) We're not copycats.

Every Unlimino product is unique in some way to everything else out there. We pride ourselves in putting our own twist on our products.


2.) We're not a consumer trap.

Unlimino, unlike other companies, values you as a person, not a sales number. We always design our products with the end user in mind.


3.) We like trees and the Earth.

Pollution sucks. Sustainability rocks. Need we say more? We care about the planet we live on, and innovation shouldn't compromise that.


4.) Transparent Honesty.

No hidden pricing policies or deceptive marketing here. You should know exactly what you are buying, and get your money's worth.


5.) Dreams Define Us.

Every idea is worth hearing, and we believe the future is created by those who are brave enough to make it. Dare to dream with us.


6.) You.

Without you, this wouldn't be possible. You're a core, irreplaceable part of our dream to make a company by the people, for the people.

Our goals are simple

Four founders, one vision.
Let's make this happen.

We are consumers, too. Nothing is worse than a company that claims to be "for the people" that ends up manipulating its customer base. We don't sell your data, play dirty, or have any fine print. These four goals are our cornerstones guiding us as we create, iterate, design, and produce.

The goals are...

To change the way industries develop.

By innovating new tech that actually will make a difference in how things get done.

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To influence society's tech standards.

Let's disrupt the expectancy that we're just supposed to buy whatever new thing comes out.

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To promote entrepreneurial thought.

Unlimino is still a small company that benefited greatly from mentorship and pitch programs.

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To leverage technology in the awesomest way possible.

Innovation happens everywhere. We want to be there wherever the best opportunities await us.

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Why these goals?

Here at Unlimino, we strive to create cool tech, software, and other products with features that you deserve. Making a profit shouldn't come at your expense. That's why selling our morals is not part of our profit model. We take our time to create properly developed, truly unique products while building a community of dreamers.

Meet Us


Harrison Burr

CEO / Chief Executive Officer

Harrison Burr

Christian Galain

COO / Chief Operations Officer

Christian Galain

Andrew Martino

CFO / Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Martino

Pranav Thaker

CMO / Chief Marketing Officer

Pranav Thaker